Song Of The Sea Witch Chpt #3

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ISBN: 9781338581034
Number of Pages 128

The iconic heroine She-Ra is back! An all-new original chapter book set in the world of She-Ra, just in time for the reboot of the series on Netflix. Fans of the Princess of Power will be thrilled with this original story set in the world of the She-Ra series from Dreamworks on N...etflix! With illustrations throughout, and packed full of humor, magic, and friendship, these chapter books are the perfect way for a whole new generation of She-Ra fans to get to know the Princess of Power and her band of heroic friends. In this third chapter book, Adora and her friends work together to track down some powerful First Ones tech that they hope can help the rebellion. But they aren't the only ones who want the tech... can She-Ra and her crew outsmart the Horde and come out on top?Read less

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