Puzzles and Projects

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Condition: BRAND NEW
ISBN: 9781486314881
Year: 2021
Publisher: CSIRO


Age range: 7 to 10

Puzzles and Projects is packed with fun, so grab your pencil and let's go! There are plenty of puzzles, hands-on projects with step-by-step instructions, comics, awesome facts and much more.

Discover amazing things about the world around you. Explore everything from dinosaurs to volcanoes, animals to slime, and rockets to rainbows!

Developed by the expert Double Helix team at CSIRO, who also brought you the Hands-On Science books. Puzzles and Projects offers hours of entertainment, sparked by the wonders of science, technology, engineering and maths.

'If you’re young and have a love of science then you may already have Double Helix, published by the CSIRO, tucked under your pillow so you can read it at night with a torch. If not, and you like to find out how things work, then I’d recommend you check it out. The same Double Helix team has put together this book, Puzzles and Projects. Inside there are lots of things to do like comics to read and puzzles, as well as brainteasers and crosswords. There are recipes for making big soft great gooey things like slime and electric dough. You’ll also find word searches, mazes and colouring in to keep busy too. All this is a fun way to discover how things work. Good for school holidays or rainy days stuck inside. It’s bright and colourful and a fun way to learn.' — Good Reading

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