My Spiced Kitchen

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ISBN: 9781624147074
Year: 2019
Publisher: St Martins Press
Pages: 192

Delight all of your senses and experience all of the flavors and health properties that Middle Eastern herbs and spices have to offer with The Spice Detective, Yaniv Cohen.

Perfect for adventurous eaters looking to expand their palates, those interested in global cuisine, those of Middle Eastern descent looking to learn more of their heritage or anyone who’s interested in learning more about food, Spices of the Middle East, Yaniv provides approachable information on the colors, scents, origins and properties of spices as the ultimate reference guide to the flavors of the Middle East. Seventy five recipes in the book highlight each spice.

Spices covered include turmeric, cumin, sumac, za’atar, cardamom, caraway, clove, bahart, coriander, dukkah, paprika, anise seed, nigella seed, all spice and cinnamon. Recipes are a blend of traditional and modern that include Turmeric Ice Cream, Cumin Scented Shakshuka, Za’atar and Feta Mac and Cheese, Beet and Bahart Kibbeh and Dukkah Crusted Duck Breast.

This book will have 75 recipes and 75 photos.

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