Klutz: Thumb Wars Single

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ISBN: 9781591749387
Number of Pages 32

Thumb wrestling is such a time-tested, universally admired life skill for kids that, frankly, we're a little embarrassed at how long it's taken us to get around to giving it the Klutz treatment. Ouronly excuse? There is no rushing the awesomeness that is The Sleeve of Doom. Sleek..., shiny, and sensational, The Sleeve of Doom is the ultimate instrument of combat. Two contenders slide their hands in and clasp them together, poking their thumbs through the holes. The sleeve prevents cheating by locking hands in place. It also looks so darn cool we can barely pry our own hands out of it. Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide covers everything from classic challenges, strategies, and training exercises to fake outs, trash talk, and never-beforeplayed games. Since image is everything in the wrestling world, we also included some clever thumb names and flashy costume ideas. We even tossed in a handy referee guide and score cards. All of which makes Thumb Wars more than just a book. It's the official rules of thumbRead less

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