Jokes from the Back Seat 2

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Condition: BRAND NEW
ISBN: 9781947597365
Format: Trade paperback (US)
Year: 2020
Publisher: Walnut Street Books


Age range 5 to 12

Delightful, wholesome jokes, riddles, puzzlers, puns, and tongue-twisters for kids. 

Fun to read aloud. Features many hilarious cartoons. Educational features include a "hidden" vault. Interactive fun for kids and their families. Also, comical section of "Rokes and Jiddles." How does this book compare to others in the field? More visual, more educational, and more variety. A LOL many-sided adventure; kids have to turn the book in all directions to discover all of the jokes (even needing to use a mirror on occasion!). A blast of a gift for any child.

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