Friday Night Frights #13

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Author: Zombie, Zack

Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742768649
Series: Diary of a Minecraft Zombie
Publisher: KOALA BOOKS

Friday the thirteenth is coming up and a bunch of weird things are happening in the Minecraft world.

Zombie’s got problems. His gaming life is over because he’s been called a noob online and the school dance is coming up. Zombie has no idea who to take as his date, not that anyone would go with a noob anyway.
Worst of all, Zombie’s mum still thinks he needs a babysitter. It’s not his fault that his little brother, Wesley, got his teeth knocked out the last time their parents left them alone…

Can Zombie survive the online humiliation? Will his dance moves bring down the house at the school dance? Can Zombie and his friends survive Friday the thirteenth?

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