Endermen Rule #1

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ISBN: 9781760662462
Publisher: KOALA BOOKS
Number of Pages 128

Do you really know what life is like as a Minecraft Enderman? Sure, theyre creepy and tall and make weird sounds, but Endermen arent as scary as everyone thinks. Meet Elliot, an eleven-year-old Enderman who has to live by the Enderman Rules. There are rules about everything, from... pearls to teleporting to The End. But the thing is its hard to live by the Enderman Rules and Elliot isnt particularly good at it. When a practical joke goes wrong and a giant Spider kidnaps half his class, Elliot knows that its his fault. Will Elliot be able to stop the giant Spider in time and save his classmates from being Spider dinner? Can he ever redeem himself? Will he ever stop stealing blocks? (Probably not.)Read less

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