Diary of a Fairy

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Condition: BRAND NEW
ISBN: 9782924786659
Format: Picture book
Year: 2018
Publisher: Chouette Publishing, Inc.


Age range 3 to 6

Do all fairies like to live in the shadows of princesses and play a supporting role in children's stories? Certainly not all! Peek under the pages of this personal diary and discover the secret thoughts of a fairy who dreams of stepping into the limelight and getting a leading role! "Dear Diary, I have decided one thing, From now on, I will be a famous fairy." Sprinkled with references to classic fairy tales, the Dear Diary series offers privileged access to the secret aspirations of mythical and often not-so-nice characters. Short rhythmic texts reveal the private and very funny musings of an ogre, a monster, a witch and a fairy.

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