Apocalypse Taco

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Condition: BRAND NEW
ISBN: 9781419739132
Year: 2020
Publisher: ABRAMS
Pages: 144

From bestselling author Nathan Hale, a fast-food run turns strange when the drive-through becomes a portal to another dimension A sinister drive-through threatens to end the world-and three kids in a beat-up truck are humanity's only hope! The night before dress rehearsal, a school theater troupe is working late and very hungry. So 11-year-old twins Axl and Ivan-along with their 16-year-old driver, Sid-volunteer to make a late-night fast-food run. At the drive-through, their tacos start to move. And they don't seem friendly! Even after they get rid of the food, the world around them isn't quite right. There are strangely-moving cars, buildings, and people-and they seem intent on swallowing everything in their path. Now the trio will have to use their wits, their truck, and even their windshield scraper to escape . . . before they're replaced by monstrous versions of themselves!

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