The Heming Way

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Condition: BRAND NEW
ISBN: 9781250010605
Format: Tall rack paperback (US)
Year: 2013
Publisher: St Martins Press
Pages: 224


More than fifty years have passed since the death of Ernest Hemingway, history's ultimate man, and young males today – obsessed with Facebook, Twitter, and Playstation – know nothing about his legendary brand of rugged, alcoholic masculinity. They cannot skin a fish, dominate a battlefield, or transform majestic creatures of the Southern Hemisphere into piano keyboards.

The Heming Way demonstrates how modern eunuchs – brainwashed by PETA and Alcoholics Anonymous – can learn from Papa's unparalleled example: drunken, unshaven, meat-devouring, wife-divorcing, and gloriously self-destructive.

Advice includes:
- How to kill enough animals to render a species endangered – just like Papa!
- Getting your friends to think drinking a daiquiri is manly... just by drinking nine yourself
- Achieving sufficiently high testosterone levels to never have to worry about the chance of having a daughter instead of a son

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