Aldrin Adams and the Cheese Nightmares

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Condition: BRAND NEW
ISBN: 9780241441657
Format: B-format paperback
Year: 2022
Publisher: Penguin UK
Pages: 432

Aldrin Addis has the world's most unusual and secret SUPER-POWER- By eating very stinky cheese before bedtime, Aldrin can enter people's dreams and nightmares, and help them with their problems.

The trouble is, Aldrin has problems of his own. Dad's not been himself since Mum died, their cheese shop (C'est Cheese!) is under threat of closure, and Aldrin's struggling at school.

But things go from bad to worse when Aldrin realises something - or someone - is trying to steal his cheesy super power for their own evil plan for world domination!

And this time, Aldrin might need more than the stinkiest of Bries to save the day!

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